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Banking questions don’t follow a schedule. They can pop up anytime—and they often do when our branches are closed.

No worries! You can call Southbridge Savings Bank any day, anytime to check balances, transfer funds, or learn more about loans and mortgages. Questions about investments, commercial banking or anything else we do? Just shoot us an email to the addresses below and we’ll get back during normal banking hours.

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Customer Service Center

Open 7 days a week during bank business hours


24 Hour Banking

After bank hours


Main Office

253-257 Main Street
P.O. Box 370
Southbridge, MA  01550-0370
Phone: 508-765-9103
Fax: 508-765-1187
Toll Free Number: 800-939-9103

SSB Investment Services

7-11 Elm Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Phone: 508-764-0046
Fax: 508-765-5184


Commercial Lending & Services Office

7-11 Elm Street
Southbridge, MA 01550
Phone: 508-764-1000
Fax: 508-764-0793


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Please note:  This contact form is for general inquiries.  Please do not send any confidential information such as account information, ssn or id information or other confidential information via this unsecured form.  Please sign into our online banking product and use that email for secure account inquiries.

Standard internet based email is not encrypted and may be intercepted by unauthorized individuals.