Kasasa Tunes

Enjoy movies, music, apps, etc. with free checking that gives you iTunes®, Google Play Store or Amazon downloads every month. Plus no minimum balance and nationwide ATM refunds.

  • Earn up to $4.95 in iTunes®, Google Play Store or Amazon Downloads when you sign up*
  • $4.95 in iTunes®, Google Play Store or Amazon Downloads per month on qualifying accounts*
  • Nationwide ATM refunds on qualifying accounts**
  • No monthly service charge
  • FREE telephone and internet banking with FREE online bill pay
  • FREE ATM/Debit Card
  • FREE Advantage Points Program
  • No per check charges
  • $750.00 overdraft privilege for qualified customers†
  • $25.00 minimum deposit required to open account

*Kasasa Tunes: The minimum to open account is $25.  You will be reimbursed up to $4.95 for debit card purchases from iTunes, Google Play Store and/or Amazon.com that post to and clear account during the first 60 days after you open account.  Reimbursements will be credited to account on the last day of statement cycle in which reimbursable purchases were made.  In addition, each monthly qualification cycle, earn up to $4.95 in reimbursements of debit card purchases from iTunes, Google Play Store and/or Amazon .com if qualifications are met during previous monthly qualification cycle.  Purchases must be made with debit card associated with your Kasasa Tunes® account.  Qualifying transactions must post to and clear the account during monthly qualification cycle.

**Requirements to earn the iTunes® , Google Play Store or Amazon downloads and no fee nationwide ATM use include: Have at least 20 debit card purchases post and clear your account during monthly qualification cycle, receive and review monthly e-statements.  Transactions may take one or more banking days from date transaction was made to post to and clear account.  Transfers done within our bank do not count as qualifying ACH transactions.  Monthly qualification cycle is not the same as monthly statement cycle.  PIN based ATM transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions.  Nationwide ATM fees incurred during monthly qualification cycle will be reimbursed if qualifications are met within monthly qualification cycle.  If you close out your account within 6 months of the opening date you will be charged a $10 closing fee.  iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. and Amazon.com is a registered trademark of Amazon Inc.  Apple Inc. and /or Amazon Inc are not participants in or sponsors of this program.  Available as personal account only.  No minimum balance required to earn rewards or maintain account.

Note: Accounts that do not qualify during a qualification cycle will maintain no-fee account status, however, you will not qualify for ATM refunds or iTunes® , Google Play Store or Amazon Download refunds for that time period

Click here for Qualification Period Calendar

† If you use Overdraft Privilege, you will be charged a $27.00 insufficient funds charge for each item. The following categories of transactions for which such a fee may be imposed are: for the payment of overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or electronic means. You would be required to repay any overdraft created by using your Overdraft Privilege within 30 calendar days to remain in good standing. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example; we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts.