Cash Management Services

Cash can be complicated—
simplify it with Business Maker™.

Just keeping your Central Massachusetts and Worcester area business running is enough to keep your hands full. Fortunately, Southbridge Savings Bank has Business Maker cash management services that can bring more efficiency and accuracy to your finances. Cash is the life blood of your business. Business Maker helps you keep your finger on the pulse.

Credit Card Processing Services

Accept debit cards (NYCE®, MAC®, Interlink® and Maestro®) and all national credit cards (Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners® and JCB®), plus gift and loyalty cards. Learn more.

Business Bank 'N Pay℠

Access all of your business accounts 24/7 online. Set up funds transfers and bill payments. Export your transactions to Quicken®. Eliminate monthly check writing and bank trips. Learn more.

Business Credit Card

Seize purchasing opportunities and manage spending with a revolving credit card. Learn more.

Business Check Card

Switch to plastic and reduce your use of paper checks. Learn more.

Line of Credit Sweep

Reduce your interest expenses by automatically allocating payments to your line of credit based on your business bank account balance. Learn more.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time by making fewer trips to the bank. Deposit checks securely into your account, directly from your office. Learn more.

Payroll Services

Let Business Maker process your payroll from start to finish—and handle a full range of other payroll tasks. Learn more.

Bill Pay

Pay your vendors online—it’s free, and it takes a fraction of the time you’re spending writing and mailing checks. Learn more.

Lock Box Service

Receive customer payments directly at your local Southbridge Savings Bank branch. Learn more.

Wire Transfer and ACH Transactions

Make same-day or next-day payments to vendors or employees, or transfer funds to other banks. Learn more.

Zero Balance Account

Save time by setting up automatic transfers between business accounts. Learn more.

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