Personal Savings Accounts

Find a safe haven for your money at Southbridge Savings Bank

It’s good to have a chunk of change set aside for rainy days. Or for every day. No matter how you use savings accounts, Southbridge Savings Bank has options that make putting away money not only wise but also rewarding.

Kasasa Saver with Kasasa Cash

Combine with your Kasasa Cash account to earn bonus interest rates. Plus get free telephone and internet banking. Learn more.

Personal Money Market

Your high balance earns the higher yield of a money market—and rewards you with our most-wanted conveniences. Learn more.

CDs and IRAs

For short-term goals or long-term dreams, give your money a chance to work harder. Learn more.

Statement Savings

Earn interest and pay no monthly fees when you maintain a minimum balance. Learn more.

Passbook Savings

The traditional savings account, with no monthly service charge. Learn more.

Moola Savings—Just for kids!

Kids can start their own savings account with as little as $5. They’ll earn interest plus points for cool prizes. Learn more.

Holiday Savings Plan

Be prepared for holiday expenses by making regular deposits throughout the year. Learn more.