SSB for Kids

Saving starts here.

We want to help you teach your children good money habits.

At Southbridge Savings Bank, we believe in building relationships that span generations. That’s why we are committed to helping parents teach their children good money habits. We do this by offering kid-friendly products, fun educational resources, and sound advice that makes learning real-life principles of financial responsibility fun!

With savings accounts, checking accounts, programs and activities at Southbridge Savings Bank they’ll discover that saving money can be as fun as it is smart.


Get away to an exciting and fun world where kids ages 8-14 face challenges and learn how to make smart decisions about their money. Learn more.

Moola Savings

Kids can start their own savings account with as little as $5. They’ll earn interest plus points for cool prizes. Learn more.

Kids Club

A rewards program for kids! Members get newsletters and invitations to special events, plus they earn cool prizes with their Moola Savings Account! Learn more.