Get ready!

Embark on the exciting MoneyIsland™ mission to rescue Stone Broke and earn rewards!

MoneyIsland™ is an interactive and educational world where ordinary kids become financial gurus! While playing games like “Go-Go Bodega,” “Pirate Bubble Blast,” and “The Crab Trap,” children learn important financial ideas such as the difference between wants and needs. MoneyIsland™ is free to our account holders’ children, as well as local schools and youth programs—all you need is an access code! Ask any of our customer service representatives to get you started, or you can join online today by clicking the “Join Today” button above. 

 MoneyIsland is now available on your iPad in the App Store! 

Learn Money, Earn Rewards

Kids love games. They also love winning stuff. That’s why real-­life rewards are built into MoneyIsland, and may include:

  • $10 deposit for new or existing customers into Moola Savings Account
  • A cool MoneyIsland T-shirt
  • Special rewards for schools/organizations that play as a group